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Nixa Monument Company has been serving the community for more than 50 years.
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Monuments and Grave Markers in Springfield and Nixa, Missouri

Nixa Monument Company is a family-owned and operated business that collectively has over 50 years of experience. This industry requires a sense of community and empathy and, in turn, our decades of experience truly show the immense pride we take in the local community surrounding Nixa and the greater Springfield, Missouri region. Regardless of the circumstances or products you require, including memorials, headstones, signs, benches, vases, etchings, or pet markers, you can rely on us to come through in a timely, friendly, and respectful manner.

Southwest Missouri's Custom Monument and Headstone Company

As we mentioned, Nixa Monument is a long-standing family-owned and community-oriented business with an excellent reputation, providing numerous custom monuments and headstones in granite as well as bronze. Nixa Monument Company continues to offer quality services, from the same location it all began, by providing a guarantee certificate so you’re certain that your memorial will be of the value that you deserve. Upon completion of your monument, headstone, or other selection, it’s our guarantee that the product’s material will not crack or disintegrate. Part of this guarantee also assures that no oils, acids, or artificial coloring was used in obtaining the finish, which is the natural color of the stone. We will also guarantee any necessary corrections for your monument or headstone, free of charge, if any part of the memorial should be found defective in the setting of the memorial, workmanship, or if the material degrades over normal use. Our Nixa Monument Company guarantee is intended to protect, not only against defects in the granite alone, but also against inferior quality through workmanship. We are determined to provide only the highest quality of products that our customers deserve.

At Nixa Monument Company, we are truly dedicated to serving your family in Nixa and Springfield, and all surrounding areas, by providing empathetic personal service and quality headstones or gravestones, grave markers, and other memorial products. There will be no hidden fees when you choose our services. Review our products and gallery or contact us for more information. We look forward to serving you soon.